Stocksbridge Steelworks 175th Anniversary

In October 2017 Stocksbridge steel works (Liberty Steel) celebrated it’s 175th anniversary, as the internal graphic designer it was my job to create a campaign for the 900 staff onsite, and something for the external community.

Software used:


I entered this campaign into the IoIC (Institute of Internal Communications) Awards 2018 and had two awards of excellence.

Pop-up Museum

As the site is such a huge part of the local community, I found a great deal of information from the local historic society, and worked with them to create a pop-up museum, located in an empty unit in the local retail park.

The business has it’s own archive of products and literature, as well as a wealth of photographs. We combined this with the local museum’s collection to show never-before seen items to the public.

With an estimated 700 visitors over a two-day period, the museum was a resounding success, being featured on BBC Radio Sheffield and local newspapers.

Commemorative Coin

I designed a coin and certificate for all staff working on the site, with a further batch made for family members and retirees.


To serve as a backdrop for the museum I created a mural from collected archival images, as well as sector images from marketing campaigns and internal shots of the works.

This mural is now in place outside a conference room for external visitors, showing the journey of the site from founding to the modern day.


After some digging I discovered three generations of the same family had worked on the site. They agreed to come in for an interview and we captured this. I think this was the first video I’d ever made for a job and it’s by far my favourite – although that’s all down to the Bamforth family and the genuine interactions they had.