Online Carpets

This was a complete rebrand and relaunch of an existing ecommerce site. Working with Sheffield based developers 2J, the site was rebuilt from the ground up using Magento Enterprise. (Later upgrading to v2). I worked with 2J to create the brand and wireframes for the site, before they coded it.

The brand was designed to be clean and modern, friendly and accessible, while still looking ‘low cost’. I designed all visual elements, including CMS blocks, banners, icons/diagrams, and complex instructional infographics for measuring/fitting different products.

Once the site was in a position to launch, I designed complimentary materials such as leaflets, envelopes for samples, instruction manuals for fitting flooring, through to uniforms and livery for delivery drivers.

This comprehensive branding exercise involved product photography and descriptions for over 2000 individual products (no mean feat for a 12 month project!), building an extensive database for products and customers in the Magento platform, as well as working out how to print packing slips/sample stickers from the system automatically, and feeding delivery info into dispatching software.

Software used: